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Walk Softly son,
for you're beginning a journey
Which can mold your future,
Build your character,
And establish memories as
Precious as tomorrow.

Walk softly, because as you do,
You'll have your chance
To experience and learn,
And appreciate God's great

How important is it?
To many, it's not important
At all.
But to me,
It's life itself.

It's been my love,
My teacher,
And my bridge to reality.

It's made me a better man,
A stronger man,
A gentler man.

Important for you? I think so.
But that's your decision to Make.
I can't make it for you.

I can teach you to hunt,
To set decoys,
Build a blind,
And work a call.

But I can't teach you to enjoy
The anticipation of an empty Sky.
Or to respect the goose
That was convinced,
To come within your gun range.

I can teach you catch fish:
But you'll have to learn to enjoy the fishless days.

You'll have to experience
That unexplainable drive
Which keeps you making
That one last cast of the day.

And if you do,
You'll be a sportsman,
A hunter...
Not a killer of game.
A fisherman...
Not a taker of fish.

You'll learn you're at best
A visitor in the out-of-doors.
A Guest, in a precious world
That man can destroy,
But cannot master.

And no matter what
Your station in life,
You'll have found
As I have...

Your love...
Your teacher...
Your bridge to reality.
Justin and ducks
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Axel vom Orion
Idaho wild Chinook
Bertie delivers an Oregon chukar
Bodie's First Bull