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Gunnar vom Orion
Gunnar is offered at stud to breeding approved DD females, airport pickup
 and drop off at Boise, Idaho. (Delta, N.West Air, United and Alaska). Reasonable
 kennel stays provided with the breeding. Clean, secure kennel with heated dog house.
 Negative canine brucellosis required within thirty days before breeding.
Gunnars Pedigree
Gunnar is a good looking, talented male, both he and his sister Grace,
(20th place Hegewald), were 11 in both form and hair. Gunnar is very
calm in the house, car and kennel but will get after it in the field. He and
Enck hunt well together. He's a strong tracker, and a water monster.
Gunnar was 72 in VJP, 159 and 183 in Hzp, 314/pz I in VGP. Grace and
Giterdun have qualified VGP this fall as well. Gunnar is Hd frei, and DNA
vonWillibrands frei. He has some pups doing well hunting this fall at an early
Gunnar's daughters win 2010 and 2012 Armbruster "Best Female", congratulations Gunnar!