Thank you for your interest in our Drahthaars. We breed for the dedicated hunter. Our goal is to provide a great hunting companion that will be with you for years to come. One that is easily trained and has a good coat and correct conformation. We test our dogs under two systems. (VDD and NAVHDA). We encourage you to test as well, so that we may advance our puppies in every litter, and you come to know and appreciate your dog and it's talents. We believe it is our duty as hunters to help further conservation by using well-trained and well-bred dogs.
We only produce VDD registered puppies. The breeding dogs we use, are VDD certified to breed. Which means, every dog used for breeding by vom Orion is VDD tested for hunting instincts, gun sensitivity on land and water, trainability and cooperation. These include tracking, pointing, search, retrieving on land and water, retrieving fur and feather, use of nose. Then, at a breed show, the dogs are evaluated for coat color and quality and conformation, bites, eyes etc. To enter a breed show, the dog must be certified as Hip Displaysia free and have passed the performance tests previously mentioned. At VDD tests and breed shows, a panel of three judges examine each dog. All this testing is one of the strengths of the VDD system. The results are right on the pedigree for you to look at and reference. The information tells the breeder and prospective buyer a lot. Additionally, our dogs have tested negative for blood disorders. The stud dogs we use have been tested negative as well. We are careful not only with our dogs and the stud dogs but also the lines from which they come. Disposition is very important in a hunting and house companion and very high on our selection list.
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VGP Qualified dogs of Orion
                                Enck Brita Alice Orla Gunnar Adila
                                Prize I Prize I Prize II Prize I Prize I Prize I
Mindy vom Orion, wins Best Female, at the 2010 Armbruster
and 3rd place, Highest placing female, owned by Bo Waller
click to see Mindy
Sepp vom Orion, under four months of age becomes the youngest dog to have a 112 maximum
score in 40 years of NAVDHA NA. click to see Sepp and John Haddix, owner,trainer
Akita vom Schlangenflub Best Female at 2012 Armbruster, Gunnar Daughter does it again!
Click to see Akita